Routine Maintenance

Always adhere to the manufacturer's specifications when available. Our recommendations are generic and cannot account for specific working situations or uses.

Nevertheless, check the oil periodically and add more if required.

Final Drive Maintenance Intervals

We suggest changing the oil every 250 to 500 hours, or at least once per year, based on use.

The frequency of oil changes is often proportionate to the longevity of a final drive gearbox.

  • Drain the gearbox oil while it is hot to make the process simpler.
  • Verify that the oil contains no metallic particles.
  • Fill the transmission with fresh oil. Typically, the gearbox is filled to around half capacity — See table below.
  • Do not combine various oils.
  • Examine for leaks. Pay special attention to the primary hub mechanical seal (floating seal) that is located between the sprocket and track frame. If oil is detected leaking from this location, it may be a sign of more significant issues; therefore, immediately replace the seal and stop the machine.
  • Check the track tension, since a taut track chain strains the hub bearings and might result in an early gearbox failure.

Gearbox Oil

We recommend:

Shell Omala EP220
Esso / Exxon Spartan EP220
BP Mach Energol GR-HP220
Mobil Mobilgear 630
Elf Rebuiltelf SP220
Agip Blasia 220